In Malga Montasio dairy cows and heifers belonging to different breeds are grazed, among which the Pezzata Rossa Italiana (PRI) is clearly predominant.

The PRI, which owes its name to the red and white size of the coat, is a “dual purpose” breed: selected to produce both milk and meat.

The PRI is the result of a long work to improve the ancient cattle population raised in the Friuli plain. The Pezzata Rossa called itself “Friulana” until the mid-1980s, when the breed, which due to its great adaptability had spread even outside this territory, was called Pezzata Rossa Italiana.

Since 1956 the National Association of Pezzata Rossa Italiana Cattle Breeders (ANAPRI), based in Udine, manages the herd book, assists breeders in their selective choices, promotes the breed and its productions, collaborates in studies and research aimed at the solution of technical problems.