Malga Montasio is located on the plateau of the same name between 1500 and 1800 m a.m.s.l.. Surrounded by the magnificent setting of the Julian Alps and Montasio, the malga is a breathtaking window overlooking the majestic Canin chain.

The area is part of the Italian Julian Alps Biosphere Reserve, established in 2019 and including the Municipalities of Chiusaforte, Dogna, Resia, Resiutta, Moggio Udinese, Venzone, Gemona del Friuli, Montenars, Artegna, Lusevera and Taipana.

Specifically, the “Man and the Biosphere” Project, Man and the Biosphere – MAB, is an intergovernmental scientific program launched by UNESCO in 1971 to promote, on a scientific basis, a balanced relationship between man and the environment through the protection of biodiversity and good practices of Sustainable Development.

The Program aims to improve relations between people and the environment in which they live and for this purpose it uses natural and social sciences, economics and education to improve people’s lives and the equitable distribution of benefits and to protect natural ecosystems. It promotes innovative approaches to economic development that are socially and culturally appropriate and environmentally sustainable.

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Panorama from Terra Rossa Montasio
ibexes in ther habitat
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Malga Montasio has obtained the “Park Quality Mark” an initiative promoted by the Julian Prealps Natural Park Authority aimed at promoting and enhancing the reference area, even outside the regional protected area.

The collaboration between the owners of the Trademark, committed to establishing ever closer relationships between economic operators of various types, strengthens mutual knowledge and the promotion of the “trademark system” within an ever wider territorial network, attentive to social progress – sustainable economic.

The attribution of the trademark represents the commitment of the participating subjects to operate in a network coordinated by the Park Authority, to jointly promote the territory, to improve the quality of goods and services provided, of ethical values ​​and local traditions in respect of environment.